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Mental Health Awareness 6N2209

Level: QQI Level 6 (6N2209)

Description: The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently or in a supervisory capacity in an organisation which provides services to individuals with mental health difficulties.

Learners will be able to:

1 Acquire an understanding of the theoretical background associated with mental health issues

2 Examine the moral, ethical and legal considerations associated with mental health

3 Distinguish between the major classifications of mental illness

4 Identify and discuss strategies to maintain positive mental health

5 Recognise barriers to positive mental health

6 Describe symptoms and characteristics of mental illness

7 Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of mental illness on the person and society

8 Outline the various models used in understanding mental illness (environmental, chemical, social, cultural, genetic or combinations)

9 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of treatment approaches

10 Explain the role of the relevant associated mental health professionals (GP, CPN, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, social worker, rehabilitation professionals, occupational therapists, etc)

11 Describe the recovery process and outline the recovery movement in Ireland

12 Understand the key issues relating to current legislation

13 Recognise the positive and negative factors which may affect your mental health

14 Demonstrate an awareness of how mind and body interact to promote positive mental health

15 Examine treatment approaches and their application (Medication, psychotherapy, counselling, healing communities, systemic interventions, etc)

16 Demonstrate an awareness of the ongoing interventions available in the community for people with enduring mental health difficulties. (day centres, sheltered workshops, resource centres, rehabilitation training programmes, supported employment, sheltered housing etc)

17 Examine the features of recovery

18 Evaluate positive supports in the community which promote positive mental health ¿ E.g. yoga, pilates, relaxation, reiki, reflexology, massage, support groups, social activities, etc

19 Appreciate various treatment approaches

20 Apply best practice in working with individuals with mental health difficulties.

Tutor: TBC

Fee: €240

Duration: 12 Weeks

Start Date: 5th February 2019

Class Time: 6.30 - 9:30pm

Day: Tuesday


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